Yom Rivii, 10 Tishri 5779

the Beginning. . .

     In January 1951, nine Jewish families gathered together to conduct weekly Shabbat Services in their homes.  Business meetings were held at the Community Hall on Cedar Street.  They purchased a former church on Date Avenue.  Torahs were donated and the building was dedicated May 24, 1953.

  first church

the Setting...

     On five acres of land, Temple BKB was built with a sanctuary/social hall and an education wing.  In the sanctuary is a "Western Wall" style pulpit and a seating section for up to 200 people.

The Hebrew letters on the stained glass window stand for the Ten Commandments.



     The Ner Tamid, our Eternal Light, is a broken Star of David as a memorial to Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Ner Tamid    

     With membership growing, five acres "way out of town" were bought in 1958.  The forerunner of the present structure was dedicated September 15, 1963.

     In 1978, a fire swept through the building, so congregation activities continued at local churches.  The temple was rededicated April 13, 1980.

     Beth Knesset Bamidbar (Congregation of the Desert) is the Reform Jewish Congregation of the Antelope Valley and since 1976 the congregation has been affiliated with the Union for Reform Judiaism.

     Beth Knesset Bamidbar is eager to embrace Jewish families and individuals into our Temple family.  By offering the Antelope Valley a Jewish environment -- religious, educational and social -- we, too, hope to grow.