Yom Rivii, 10 Tishri 5779



Sisterhood BKB is an auxiliary of Congregation Beth Knesset Bamidbar. We are open to women of all ages and backgrounds.   Membership in Sisterhood supports our Temple, our youth and the Jewish Community. Even if you cannot be active in Sisterhood, your membership makes a difference.

Beyond our “kitchen” duties, Sisterhood also…

  • coordinates with BKB’s office and makes sure there is an Oneg every Friday night
  • offers special occasion extended kiddushes
  • buys B’nai Mitzvah and Confirmation gifts
  • runs the Gift Shop at BKB
  • organizes annual events such as baking challahs for Rosh Hashanah, making hamantaschen and Lox Boxes for Passover, and hosting a Father’s Day brunch
  • plans other fundraising activities and programs
  • has a voice on the Temple Board

For more information on Sisterhood, please contact the BKB office at 661-942-4415.

Sisterhood BKB is again selling Lox Boxes for Purim.  Each box contains 4 plain bagels, lox, cream cheese, a tomato, an onion and 4 hamentaschen (assorted).  Please click here for order form.  Order forms are due back no later than Wednesday, March 4th.

Have you been thinking of a gift to give for Purim?  Well, Sisterhood BKB is selling Mishloach Manot (Purim Boxes).  Each box contains a Purim Mask, a Gragger, Grape Juice, Candies and Hamentaschen (of course).  Please click here for order form as they are due by Wednesday, March 4th.  We will arrange for pick up prior to Purim.